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My thoughts on Pagan Parenting

These are just my humble opinions:
Poetry is a very important part of the Wiccan Religion. Read poetry to your children whenever you get a chance. Encourage them to express themselves through poetry.

Music is also such a wonderful part of the Wiccan religion. I try to sing my children's names in little songs that I change or even make up. I'm a terrible singer, but they love my enthusiasm.

Expose your children to art. We're lucky enough to have a great art museum very close to our house. Give your children plenty of opportunities to express themselves through paint, sculpture, etc.

Read to your children. Discuss with them what they read. Get them thinking about what they read.

Cook with your children. They will feel successful and learn a valuable skill. It may take longer and make a bigger mess, but it's well worth it.

Start and continue traditions with your child. This is what they will remember and pass on to your grandchildren. The traditions don't have to be elaborate, just something you'll all enjoy doing together for the Sabbats or other special occassions.

Dance, laugh, sing, play, discover, cuddle, love, read, kiss, wrestle, run, skip, explore, make messes. That's what a Pagan parent can do with their children.

I think by being close to our children we become closer to the Divine. Sharing the Elements with you children, showing them the Full Moon...seeing their wonder and delight can help you feel it too

Other people's thoughts that I liked:
An imaginative child is rarely a lonely child.
Children will forget what you told them, but they won't forget how you made them feel.
Children are a gift from the Goddess. Loving them and taking good care of them is your way to say "Thank you" to her.
Parenting is a trial and error process.

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