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Math Activities

Give your child many kinds of shells. Let them sort them anyway they want. Give older children strings to make circles around the different groups of shells they have made. You can also give them small pieces of paper to write down and label the groups they have made. Older children can form intersecting circles or sets of shells.
Give your child a bucket of water. Also give them measuring cups and different size containers. Let them pour the water. Older children can write down how many cups it took to fill each container, and figure out the relationships between the measuring cups. Supervise this activity carefully, especially with young children.
Give your child a bucket half full of water and several large rocks (children can help find these.) Have your child put a piece of masking tape up the side of the bucket. Have them put each rock into the water and mark the water level on the tape. Older children can record their results and make observations about the displacement of the water and the size of the rock.
Label a each egg holder of an empty cardboard egg carton with the numbers 1-12. Give your child dried beans and have them count out and put in the correct number of beans into each numbered holder.
Give your child some mixed nuts and some paper cups. Let them sort the nuts and make observations about their size, color, and texture.
Save paper towel roll tubes. Cut into different lengths. Paint or have your children paint them. Children try to put them in order of length.
Gather several small twigs or pebbles or small leaves with your child. have them either write the number 1 on a piece of cardboard or you can if they're not able to yet. Have them glue one stick or pebble or leaf onto the card. Do the same for the rest of the numbers you want to teach them.
Help your child to learn to count by three's. Gather three-leaf clovers with your child. Have your child glue 1 clover onto a posterboard. Have them write the number of leaves next to it (3.) Then just under that, have them glue two clovers next to each other. Have them count the leaves and write down the total number of leaves (6.) Continue this process according to the ability of your child. older children can write down the multiplication facts they learn from this.

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