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Play "Forest Window." Each child lays down on the ground in the forest. Then they cover themselves with leaves and pineneedles except for their heads. They may lie there watching as long as they want.
Listen to a tree. In early Spring, find a tree that is not an evergreen. It must be atleast 6 inches across and have thin bark. Put a stethoscope up to the tree. Be very still. You may have to try several places on the tree. You will hear the sap flowing in the tree.
Go on a nature crawl. Simply crawl along the ground to see things from a different perspective.
Use the sunshine to dry a towel outside. After your child has done water play of some type is perfect for this.
Put rocks out in the sun and check them later for heat.
Sit down outside with your child. Have them look around them and name all the colors they can see. Alternatively, they can simply put up a finger for each new color that they see. This can also be done with sounds they hear or animals they see.
Give your child a "Deed" to an acre of forest land. Give them a piece of paper and ask them to draw what their fantasy forest would look like. They might want to include a waterfall, climbing rocks, or a pond...whatever they can dream up.
Have the children go on a scavenger hunt. Make a list of several items to find like an acorn, a smooth stone, a large leaf, etc. Have the children bring them back and study, draw, and/or write about what they found.
Have the children make sculptures from old containers.
Let them use newspapers to make hats, trees, wrapping paper, etc.
Have children make collages from magazines, bird feeders from 2 liter bottles or milk containers.
Have children help you pick out the product with the least amount of packaging.
Click here for an Earth coloring page.

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