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Fish (aquarium) gravel pentacles: Draw a pentacle on a nice piece of cardboard. Have the child put white school glue along the lines of the pentacle. Have them sprinkle fish gravel along the glue. Gently shake off excess gravel, and let dry.
Potato print pentacles: Cut a potato in half. On the flat, round surface, carve a pentacle with either a pencil or a toothpick. Make this pretty deep. Have the child dip in paint, blot gently on a paper towel, and print down on paper in any way they want.
Sewing Card Pentacles: Cut a circle out of heavy cardboard or posterboard. Draw a pentacle onto it. Use a hole punch to punch holes all around the pentacles cricle and along the pentagram star. Give the children a long piece of yarn and tape the ends with masking tape to form a "needle." Let the children practice "sewing" on the card.
Geoboard Pentacles: Find a nice piece of pine wood, not bigger than 1 ft. by 1 ft. Drwa a pentacle on it with a pencil. Hammer nail into every angle, and along the circle every inch or so. Give your child lots of rubber bands and let them try to make all sorts of geometric designs. They can take the rubber bands off and try other designs. This can also be done with string instead of rubberbands.
You can even make a pentacle out of watermelon, cottage cheese, lettuce, and blueberries. Yum!
String Pentacles: For younger children, draw a pentacle very lightly with a pencil. Dilute white school glue with a little water. Pick out some yarn. Cut into a piece long enough for the circle. Dip it in the glue & water mixture. Put on the paper in a circle. Now cut a long piece of yarn to make the pentagram inside the circle. Lay out on the paper in the shape of a pentagram. Let dry.
Clay pentacles: Make or purchase the clay of your choice. Roll into a thick circle of clay. Draw a pentacle on a piece of paper the same size as your clay. Use a pencil, toothpick to trace over a piece of paper onto the clay in the shape of the pentacle. Let dry or bake according to the directions for the clay you chose.
Craft stick pentacles: (More proof that anything can be made out of Craft sticks.) Make a pentagram by gluing popsickle sticks down on a nice piece. then paint the pentagram and cardboard. You can paint a circle around the pentagram to make it complete.

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