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Mother Moon and Father Sky

    Mother Moon and Father Sun
    Now our day is all done.
    Watch over me where I lie
    From your home in the sky.
    In my dreams
    I hope you send
    Happy dreams of the Summerland.
    For free will of all
    And harm to none.
    As I have willed it,
    So shall it be done.
    Blessed Be.

Johnny Appleseed Blessing

    Oh the Earth's been good to me,
    And so I thank the Earth
    For Giving Me
    The things I need
    The Sun and the Rain
    And the appleseeds.
    The Earth's been good to me.

Change these blessings to fit your family's beliefs.

Goddess, We Thank Thee

    For the flowers that bloom about our feet,
    For the tender grass so fresh and sweet,
    For the song of the bird and the hum of the bee,
    for all the beauty we hear or see,
    Goddess, we thank thee.
    For the blue of the stream and of the sky,
    For the pleasant shade of branches up high,
    For the fragrant air and cooling breeze,
    For the beauty of the blooming trees,
    Goddess, we thank thee.

For the New Morning

    For the new morning and it's light,
    For the rest and shelter of the night,
    For good health and food and love and friends,
    For every gift the Goddess sends,
    We thank thee. Blessed Be.

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