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The Pagan and Wiccan
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    Sense of Taste
    Purification, Love, Dreams
    Blue, Wite, Light Green, Light Gray, Pink
Visit a lake or pond. Feed the ducks (if allowed.) Bring sketch books, and let the children draw pictures of what they see.
Let the children make a play dough cauldrons. Put 1 cup cornstarch, 1 1/4 cup cold water, and 2 cups baking soda (1 lb.) into a saucepan. Heat on medium and stir for 4 minutes. Remove from heat and put onto a plate, cover with damp cloth until cool. Knead like dough. Shape into cauldrons, and let air dry. They can be painted with tempera paint, or acrylic paint. Shellac if you wish.
Let you child paint with watercolors.
Have waterplay. Let your child have cups, spoons, funnels,etc. at the sink. A step stool helps. Make sure you supervise this carefully, and have plenty of towels.
Take a walk with your child at dusk. Try to see just when the sun goes down.
Give your child several kinds of bells to play with (cow bells, jingle bells, small dinner bell, triangle, etc.)
Let your child try spearmint candies or gum if they're old enough. Ask them if they like it or not.
Take your child with you to help pick out an Aloe plant. Have them help you repot it. If you need to use the aloe plant for a small burn, ask the plant first, and thank it afterwards.
Have a taste test. Let your child try sweet, things (like chocolate), salty things (like pretzels) sour things (like lemons.) See which thing they liked the best.
If you are SURE there is no lightning, let your child put on a raincoat and boots and play outside in the rain. Have the towels ready.
Talk about what Fall is like where you live and where others live.
Make and eat a salad with your child.
Let your child experiment with sink and float. Give them a dishpan full of water, or sink full of water, or have them do this in the bath. Give them several items, such as Ivory Soap, a rubber ball, a sponge, a rock, a cork, a spoon, and a coin. Let them try to guess if it will sink or float, and have them test each item. Older children can make a graph....they can draw a line down the middle of a paper. One side of the paper they draw or write what sinks, the other side they draw or write what floats. Supervise this very carefully, and have a towel ready before you start.
Put a jar of water out on a windowsill. Mark the level of the water with either a permanent marker or a pice of tape. Write the date. Check every other day, and mark the water level each time you check it. The child will be able to see the evaporation of the water.
Discuss humidity with your child. Especially on a hot, humid Summer day. Older children can listen for the humidity levels on the local news, or read it in the newspaper, or find it online.
Show your child dew. Take them out early in the morning. Bring a paper towel if you wish, and have them wipe it on the grass or leaves to see the dew.
Have your child help you water your plants and give water to pets. Talk about how they need the water to live,just like they do.
Fill glasses or bottles with different levels of water. Let your child use a spoon to "play" the bottles or glasses. You can put a drop of food coloring in the water to better see the difference in the water levels.
In warm weather, fill a bucket with water. Give your child a ball that won't be ruined by getting wet. Let your child try throwing the ball into the bucket. Have a towel ready.
On a hot day, get a bucket or can of water. Give your child a clean paint brush. Then let them "paint" the house, sidewalk, fence, etc. with the water.
Let your child color with crayons on paper to make ocean scene. Then have them paint over it with blue watercolor paint.
On a hot day, you can have a "car wash." Have your children and any of their friends bring over their riding toys. They can wash them with water, buckets, sponges, and hoses. Swim suits are recommened for this activity.
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