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The Pagan and Wiccan
Parenting Page


    Blue, Yellow, Pastels
    Wand, Incense, Sword
    Feathers, Flowers, Clouds
Power of Movement
    Sense of Hearing and Smell
Have your child help you throw open the windows to air out the house.
Have your child make a cloud picture with cotton balls or polyfil stuffing and glue on blue paper.
Put on different kinds of music for your child to dance to.
Let your child mix white paint with the primary colors to see what happens. Then let them paint with the pastel colors they made.
Record different sounds on a tape (like closing a door, foot steps, tea kettle whistle, etc.) or play a sound effects tape and see if your child can identify the sounds.
Lay down on a blanket and cloud-watch.
Collect the little black film canisters. Fill them with smelly things like cinnamon, ginger, perfume, anise, cocoa, etc. Have your child sniff them and try to identify them, or just say whether they like the smell or not.
Go fly a kite (stay away from the power lines.)
Watch Disney's "Sword in the Stone."
Make a newspaper hat. Have your child decorate it with feathers. (You can get a bag of colorful feathers in a craft store or the craft section of the local discount store.)
Play with baby dolls. Talk about what your child was like when he/she was a baby. Show pictures of yourself as a baby to your child.
Make cereal flowers. Buy some Fruit O's type cereal and let your child glue the colorful O's into any flower shapes they want. Let them use crayons or markers to make the grass and stems, etc. Make sure they can eat some too! My rule is always glue down more then you eat.
Make blow paintings. Have your child put a spoonful of watery paint on one end of a paper. Give them a straw and let them blow the paint all around the paper.
Give your child a plastic garabage bag. Let them run around the yard with it and "catch" the air with it. Supervise this carefully to make sure they don't put it on or over their faces.
If you notice the wind blowing your hair, make sure you point this put to your child.
Have them watch the trees on a windy day. They can also watch the wind move the clouds in the sky.
Buy or make a pinwheel. Have your child run around with it and blow it, and hold it up to the wind.
Give your child a recorder or harmonica. These are both easy instruments for them to make music with.
Play "Blow the Balloon." Chant "Blow the balloon." Make a noise like you're blowing up a balloon, and start to blow it up. Then chant, "Blow the Balloon." again. Make your hands look like they're holding a small, round balloon. Then chant "Blow, (puff)and Blow (puff), and Blow (puff)and blow (puff,)" each time puffing and making your hands look like they're holding a larger balloon. Then Clap your hands really loudly and hold them out in a questioning pose and say, "Where did my balloon go?" I saw this on Mr. Rogers. Kids love it.
Click here for a hot air balloon coloring page.

The Wind Came Out to Play

    The wind came out to play one day
    It swept the clouds out of the way.
    (Make a sweeping motion with your arms)
    (wiggle your fingers away)
    It blew the leaves, and away they flew
    The trees bent low and their branches did too.
    (arms raised, then lowered)
    (make a sweeping motion with your arms)
    The wind blew the great big ships at sea.
    The wind blew my kite away from me.

Make a paper kite for decoration.
Cut out a kite shape piece of paper.
Let your child paint or color it.
Hang a stip of crepe paper from the
bottom of the "kite." Let them add
construction paper bows to this tail.
Tie a string to the top and hang from
the ceiling. Children can run around
while holding on to the string, but
the kite is likely to get torn up doing this.

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