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The Pagan and Wiccan
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    Red, Orange, Gold
    Sense of Sight
    String Instruments

Make a shoebox guitar. Cut a hole in the top of a shoebox. Tape a pencil across the box just next to the hole, parallel to the short end of the box. String rubber bands long ways across the box, over the hole and the pencil. Strum the guitar. You may add an empty paper towel roll to the top for the neck of the guitar.
Have your child go with you and help you pick out a cactus for your house.
Play "Memory" with your child. This is a game where your child tries to find matching cards.
Talk about what Summer is like where you live and where other people live.
Let your child paint with red and yellow to make orange.
Go to an athletic event for young people. Encourage your child to participate in the sport of their choice.
Let your child try wearing a blindfold. Make sure you watch them carefully to keep them from getting hurt.
Point out to your child when the sun is feeling warm.
Let your child try painting while wearing a blindfold. Cover the area with newspaper first.

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